Your Ticket to Work

Services for Ticketholders

Career Development and Support Services

We help you with resumes, writing cover letters, job searching techniques, and job applications.

We connect you with community organizations providing services that fit your needs, online resources, information on job and hiring fairs in the state, plus we receive numerous weekly job listings for various companies that we share with our clients.*

And if you’re frustrated with work and need someone to talk to, we are here for you!

*We are not a job placement or temp agency.

Benefits Planning and Work Incentive Counseling Services

In our decades serving Nebraskans with disabilities, we've heard a lot of misconceptions about working while on disability benefits. Good news: it is possible to work off disability benefits - and enjoy greater financial independence - with the right supports.

Social Security disability programs have work incentives. Work incentives are special rules intended to encourage you to test out your ability to work while protecting your eligibility for benefits. The problem is, those extra rules - meant to help you - can also be confusing. Plus, every person's situation is different! How do you know what work incentives rules apply to YOU? How do YOU decide if it's worth it to work? And what's the best way to do it? 

Benefits Planning services help you answer those questions. Easterseals Nebraska has a team of Community Partner Work Incentives Counselors (CPWICs) with decades of combined experience in benefits planning. CPWICs go through a year-long initial certification process and get annual training updates approved by Social Security. Our benefits planning experts can help you:

  • Understand how working can impact your SSDI and/or SSI cash benefit 
  • Understand how working can impact your Medicaid and/or Medicare
  • Identify any Work Incentives rules that apply to you
  • Help you report your earnings and fill out forms
  • Identify and fix problems with your benefits 
  • Communicate with SSA and DHHS on your behalf - so you can focus on work

Don't let fear and uncertainty about benefits limit your dreams. Understanding your options can empower you to get ahead and on the road to financial independence! 

  • An authorized Social Security Ticket to Work Service Provider

  • Easterseals 100: Established 1919

  • National Employment Network Association

  • National Association of Benefits and Work Incentive Specialists