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Ticket to Work

Ticket to Work

Ticket to Work is a work incentive program offered by Social Security for people who are:

  • on disability benefits, 
  • between ages 18-64, and
  • ready to work toward financial independence and self-sufficiency! 

All Social Security disability beneficiaries have a "Ticket" they can "assign" to an organization to get the services they need to achieve their goals and work off benefits. Participation in Ticket to Work is free and voluntary.

There are two ways you can "assign" your Ticket to receive employment services:

1) Working with a state vocational agency. In Nebraska these include Nebraska VR and the Nebraska Commission for the Blind & Visually Impaired.

2) Choosing an Employment Network (EN). ENs are private providers contracted with SSA to provide employment services and supports. ENs provide different types of services, so you can choose one that fits your individual needs. You can browse SSA's nationwide database of ENs online at the Ticket to Work Website or call the Ticket to Work helpline at 1-866-968-7842 to be screened for eligibility over the phone. 


Easterseals Nebraska Ticket to Work

Easterseals Nebraska is an EN affiliated with Social Security Administration in the Ticket to Work program. We can help YOU with benefits planningcareer development, and locating community resources that can help you achieve your goals! 

Our staff of benefits planners are certified Community Partner Work Incentives Counselors. This certification requires a year-long initial training process, evaluations and practical assignments, and fulfilling annual continuing education requirements. Our training and certification is provided by Virginia Commonwealth University's National Training and Data Center, contracted by Social Security to provide work incentives training and technical assistance.

Learn more about using your Ticketand the services we offer our Ticketholders.

  • An authorized Social Security Ticket to Work Service Provider

  • Easterseals 100: Established 1919

  • National Employment Network Association

  • National Association of Benefits and Work Incentive Specialists