The Nebraska Ticket to Work program supports career development for Social Security disability beneficiaries age 18 through 64 who want to work. The Ticket program is free and voluntary and assists individuals with disabilities toward financial independence.


Is retirement knocking at your door? Social Security makes your journey into retirement nice and easy.  You’ve worked hard all your life, and after going down your retirement list, now you’re finally ready to take that step. You checked your … Continue reading

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Understood logoCollege can be challenging. And if you're a student with a disability, it can be especially important to learn where and how you can get support. Follow this advice from to help you find answers to your questions and succeed in school.

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Whether you’re retiring soon or you’ll be in the work force for several more years, it is important to prepare for what the future holds. That’s where Social Security comes in.  Social Security puts you in control with secure access … Continue reading

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For over 80 years, Social Security has changed to meet the needs of our customers. Today, our easy, secure, and convenient-to-use online services allow you to do business with us from the comfort of your preferred location. From requesting a … Continue reading

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